Analogni Wiimote addon


Ako pratite Wii svijet, znate da su ve? poduzeti prvi koraci ka dobivanju homebrewa. Nedavno, pala je i Zelda.Ukratko, na netu se pojavio Twilight Princess hack, koji preko vašeg savea pokre?e vlastiti kod, što ?e homebrew scena uskoro svakako iskoristiti.


The Twilight Princess hack we heard about a few weeks back is released for download. It uses a save game file to run your own code. Right now all it does is prove that it works, but we should expect to see more in weeks to come. It is not advisable, however to try this unless you know what you are doing, because you could seriously mess something up, and you are required to delete your Zelda save game file. This means that you could run Linux(hopefully soon), and in order to use it, you have to turn on Zelda, and talk to a person in the game(which could get annoying, but better that nothing

Homebrew to follow!!!


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